Terry. The home stretch.

We are in the home stretch. We have been in close quarters day in and day out for the past 3 weeks and surprisingly I haven't felt the urge to lay the smackdown on any of my bandmates (except for the one time Ryan was responsible for an absolute disaster during Mario Party). I have had an amazing experience here. Some folks have asked me how I've been holding up as time goes on at the studio. In my mind it is exactly what I needed. I've spent the past year playing different venues in different cities 4-5 times a week. My days have been staggered trying to find the time and focus for everything I had stacked on my plate. Although making an album is undoubtedly hard work, I can't express how refreshing it's been to be anchored in one place, focusing all of my energy on one goal. I could spend another 10,000 words describing how fantastic the album is sounding, or the complexities of the recording process. However, I just saw a bird so I'm going to go see what that's all about.

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