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Tom. The world is not all ugly.

I am standing in the studio of Duane Lundy while he is recording Lee Carroll on a beautiful sounding 1973 Hammond B3, and I have an epiphany, tears in my eyes. Some beautiful person(s) created this lovely instrument out of wood and steel to make such a wonderful sound, like a gospel choir singing spirituals, and while I watch the beautifully talented Lee playing it, I now know that there are some really great people in this world and it is not all ugly. Not everything is made for profit and greed; there is much artistry made to spread love and beauty in the world; those are the things we should focus on, and fuck all the awful things.

I walk back into the main room where Duane is recording and communicating with Lee back and forth, and I recognize the two of them work well together because they work in communion and with equal respect. They have so much experience and talent between them that it is a real privilege to see them at work. It is an inspiration to hear what beautiful sounds can happen with hard work, passion, communication, and love for what you do comes through.


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