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Alex: All about that bass.

Today was all about the bass to some degree! A good day indeed. We spent the morning and afternoon finishing up bass lines for a number of songs. This involved bass guitar parts as well as a synthesized bass on a number of tracks. Playing the keyboard in a recording setting is still novel to me. This is only my second time recording on keyboard. New friend of the band Lee Carroll has been generous in more ways than I can count, including lending us his sweet 88 key Kurtzweil. I’ve had a blast doubling my bass lines with different bass synths, really beefing up the tone and putting down some serious low end on a number of songs. It’s a mental and physical workout to try and get the synth to line up with my bass guitar, the mechanics of each instrument being so different.

We moved on to record trombone on some songs as well!! No spoilers, but you’ll certainly hear it when the album is released. The trombone was a definite question mark in my book. I’ve taken the last few months off the horn after finishing a musical theater gig. Rejoining The JAB means I’m playing bass all the time so I was worried my chops wouldn’t cut it. Couple that with our videographer shooting studio footage for a documentary about Jam meant I was on the hook to embarrass myself. I’m happy to say we got great takes and I didn’t herniate a disc trying to get the bone lines laid down. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to play all three live on stage!


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