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Terry and Hot Pockets.

Each of the band members has special non-musical skills, according to Terry.

This guy's also good with a microwave.

We are at the halfway point. For many a band it can certainly be a breaking point. Luckily, thanks to a steady regimen of euchre (Alex and I are reigning champions), “True Detective,” N64, and movie nights, we are all in great spirits.

In addition to enjoying our free time, we are also eating well, thanks to thanks mainly to the culinary powerhouse that is Ry Guy, Alex, and Tom. Jam has an extensive knowledge of La Croix flavors, and I can microwave a Hot Pocket to near perfection.

We are having a blast down here. Anyone down here with us could easily see that. What's most important, and most exciting though, is that you can hear it.

Working on the same songs day in and day out has the potential to evolve into a grueling process, yet, once again this project has proved to be quite different than any other I've worked on. As the days push on, the momentum has not slowed in the slightest. The passion and energy has remained consistent as each day passes. We have built our foundation, and now we are in the process of putting a stamp on it that makes it truly our own. It is a special feeling.


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