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"Yeah, right . . . this talent, I just was born with it."

Jam on hard work and discipline.

I had an epiphany the other day.

The boys had gone hiking and swimming, while I stayed back at the Airbnb to work on my vocals. The next day at the studio, I made a flippant remark to Duane our producer: I said, Those boys can go swim and hike, because they have natural talent. I have to stay home and work my ass off.

Alex quickly responded, “Yeah, right . . . this talent, I was just born with it. I didn’t have to put in thousands of hours of work.” He said this sarcastically, of course.

That was the epiphany. For the 10+ years that I spent slumped over on heroin, these guys in this band were busting their asses honing their crafts, building the skills on their instruments that they have today.

It is so inspiring to be surrounded by such incredibly talented people. They make me want to strive to be better. They make me want to work hard to catch up from all those years that I missed.

This band, this album, this project is a beautiful and humbling reminder of where I was, what I missed, where I am now, the places I’ve been to which I never want to return. The relationship I have with the band and the example they've given me with their discipline, those are gifts of my recovery.

If you want more from the band, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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