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Ryan. 10 hours on the guitar.

Today was a big day; 10 hours of recording various guitar parts. We cruised through 8 songs and laid down rhythm and solo tracks. By far, my favorite aspect of working with Duane is how we are able to click when creating ambient textures, pads, and soundscapes within the tunes. We’ve created some amazing moments as a team on the creative fly, and it really captures the heart and soul of musical improvisation and how it connects to the otherworldly realms of some nostalgic, albeit uncharted sonic atmosphere. 

All of my guitar work is now completed, and I’m really satisfied with the moments and tones achieved. I feel as though I have been able to break new ground while also digging deeper as a musician on this record. There have been breakthroughs and exciting curveballs that have made my playing and performances fresh and passionate— I couldn’t have done it without Jam encouraging my creative side and being there to relish in the high points of what was attained through the effort and focus. Definitely going to sleep well tonight!

And look at what Ryan can do!


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