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Tracking guitars.

Some photos and videos from Tom, and words from Ryan.

10 am. Tracking guitars. (Ry & Jam).

Finished recording the acoustic treatments for “Broken Beautifully.” The plan is to counterpoint the two, puttin em in stereo with a rusty steel-bodied resonator and an old Martin acoustic. (Sweet T will have his bluesy lead floating on top.)

11 am.

Acoustic guitar underlayments for “Good to Bad.” Jam adds his electric hollow body guitar to the mix.

2 pm.

Jam provides his geetar on “Dank Mississippi.” It's now ready for blues harp, banjo & more.

3 pm.

Jam lays down rhythm for “Straws”; “Straws” is nearing its completion in terms of instrumentation.

4 pm-6 pm.

I laid down some lap steel for “Good to Bad,” now that Jam's rhythm was sitting in the mix. It's gonna be one hell of a song—Doors-y psychedelia meets a grungy “Come Together” with some Ravi Shankar peppered in there. I think I laid down somewhere around a dozen guitar tracks! This one gon' be a trip.

If you want more from the band, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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