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Back in the Studio. Alex.

The band is back in the studio . . . Now that the pressure’s off the rhythm section for a minute, Alex shares his impressions of the day. And his love for the house's big bathtub. (It really is big.)

Ryan and Terry get ready to go

Today was the second day back after a day off. Calling it a day off is a bit of a misnomer but we did manage to get away from working on vocal harmonies and record a goofy cover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tune “Give It Away.”

Tom, Terry, Ryan and I trekked out Hall’s Creek to hike our way to a waterfall. It was as gorgeous as we’d hoped, and we got some earned time swimming and exploring. Coming back into the studio meant it was time to focus on guitars.

It only felt right that Tom and I finally take a back seat to let the boys have some fun as well, and they are definitely enjoying themselves. While Tom and I are trying to improve our camera skills, Ryan and Terry have been making the songs come alive. If the drums and bass are the skeleton of this album, these guitars are the muscle and flesh. Things are taking shape rapidly and it’s really exciting to hear.

Duane is more and more proving himself to be a master at his craft and he’s pulling fantastic material out of everybody. Although it’s hard work of course, there’s an energy that we can all tap into when fatigue comes creeping up. That and a soak in the giant master bathtub means I’m feeling good still!

If you want more from the band, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. Studio photo by Karen Rettig Photography.


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